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Signal Hill Tailor offers a complete line of embroidery, alteration, dry cleaning services in the city of Calgary. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust Kim. You will be completely mind blown when you see the amazing work and quality we have to offer.

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Our Services

Tailored To Fit

We offer quick and ensured quality alterations at an reasonable cost. From simply hemming your favourite pair of dress pants or trousers or getting a suit to your fit , we get every alteration right from the start.

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Zippers and Buttons

Is that favourite jacket of yours, damaged.Well no worries , we got your back because at Signal Hill Tailor we fix everything , literally everything . Need that zipper or button replaced, no problem. Need that replaced for an elastic to fit your waist. No problem , because we care and you should too , for your clothing.

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Custom Embdroidery

Got a logo for your company or want a name or design of your choice on your blanket, cap,hat ,shirt, jersey, jacket, you name it. Bring it over to us and we can have it digitized and embroidered or you can choose from preset designs or fonts.

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Dry Cleaning

We Are Eco Friendly.We Use System K4 advanced solvent technology for wet cleaning. The latest and greatest. We take high quality routine and procedures when giving advice on Dry Cleaning.This is the better solution to Dry Cleaning. Compared to Tower Cleaners, Dolphin Cleaners, Martinizing and others, we take pride as a small business and actually care about your garments. There are no guarantees, but we try our best to clean your garments. Did I also mention convinience, quality, and competitive and reasonable prices.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

5 Excellent Reasons You Should Come To K Tailor Dry Cleaning & Embroidery Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1.Over 13 Years In Business In Calgary, Alberta, Canada

K Tailor Dry Cleaning & Embroidery has been established inside the City of Calgary since 2004. We are arguably the best tailor/alterations you can find. It is worth the drive if you are coming from the other side of the city. The testimony shows what kind of high quality service we provide.

2.Over 20 Years of Experience, Knowledge and Workmanship

At K Tailor Dry Cleaning & Embroidery. what you pay is what you get. Our level of detail and comments and suggestions, help you look, feel, and be seen fresher and feel better about your clothing being altered by K Tailor. We know what most of our clients want, we cannot read your mind but we do and can give you suggestions, and choices. We give you the best options! We want you looking your best if you want to look your best. We take every kind of garment with the same care as we would with anything else regardless of price, brand, or style. Obviously these help us see what kind of quality and level of control we need to ensure when altering your clothing.

3.Tailored For A Better Fit

Here at K Tailor Dry Cleaning & Embroidery we try to ensure that no matter what kind of body, shape, or style that you have ! We try our best to make everything work out and fit better on you. We have some clients who would rather have their garments altered/tailored to fit than to go buy a brand new one! This is quit normal and strange but they know that we will always make our best attempt to make a difference. Which has quite an impact on

4.Trusted By A Large Range of Hard Working & Business Clientele

Trusted with expensive name brands that have value and this is vital in a business. If your clients don't have that strong connection and a building of trust, their is a loss and worry in people who bring their garments. We try to our fullest extent to symmetry , matching, all of these little details that some of our bigger competitors, don't care to look at. We want our customers to come back because we provide great workmanship. We aim to exceed and maintain quality and expectations with our client base.We have encountered many kinds of clientele in Calgary, and have experience with all kinds of problems, excuses, and issues, so you know that the next time you come again, we bring our level of work to a higher grade. This shows in our POS system which greatly integrates all our three services into one ease of a couple buttons. So the next time you come the transaction, and process will be quicker, and more efficient.

5.Our Google Reviews Don't Do Justice

At K Tailor Dry Cleaning & Embroidery, our first impression is important, but what is more significant is a long lasting impression. This is depicted and shown in our reviews, referrals, and word of mouth. We promote, advertise, because we know once you try us at K Tailor Dry Cleaning & Embroidery, you will or cannot go anywhere else in the City of Calgary for Dry Cleaning, Alterations, and Embroidery. We encourage our existing customers to write us a review to spread the love and awareness for a good solution to tailoring, dry cleaning, embroidery inside Calgary. Reviews are important because we want new or future clients to believe, trust, and see what others have gone through, to make their decision of coming their way to find us here at K Tailor Dry Cleaning & Embroidery, we bring convenience, quality, and a higher level of expertise, experience, and work our local neighborhood of West Springs, Cougar Ridge, Signal Hill, West Hills, and the SW of Calgary to it's fullest potential. We aim to bring traffic and new clientele from many other parts of Calgary, SE, Heritage, Auburn Bay, Lake-view, Elbow Falls, Morgan's Rise, and Airdrie etc.. We expect to grow and in the future be the biggest and best in our City of Calgary. Our current clientele is mainly from spring bank, aspen woods, west springs, west hills, signal hill, and cougar ridge.

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Price is what you pay, Quality is what you get.
What goes around comes.
More than half of our new clients and old come based on recommendation and refferals.
99 %
Average yearly happy and satisfied clients come back because of work and our honesty.

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