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851 85th St SW, Calgary, AB

We have relocated very close to our old location still in the West Springs Neighborhood.

Along 85th Street, there's a Scotiabank, a BMO, and TD between the intersection. We are on the corner of the intersection, please turn left if TD is on the right hand side of where you are driving, and right if TD is on the left side of your vehicle. On the corner you will see a sign that says "Wentworth Pointe", with parking in front of it There's easy parking on the side or the back of the building. Please refer to these pictures if it's your first time visiting us. We also provide visitor parking tags if needed.

We provide private fitting rooms for our clients.


Main Hours Of Operation
Sun/Mon/Holidays: Closed 
Tues-Sat: 12-5pm
Alterations Fitting Appointment Required - Call In/Walk In Based On Availability
Dry Cleaning & Non Fitting Alterations: Drop In Anytime Between Our Business Hours Listed.


Parking & Street View

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